Beautiful design.

Exceptional performance.


Silhouette Oven Glove by Proud & Co.



Proud & Co. are a high quality kitchenware brand dedicated to combining innovation and elegance of design in everything we create. We believe that kitchens are a place for fun, experimentation and homeliness, and aim to use the best materials and know-how to enhance these qualities however we can. Great inventions make life easier, and whether that means cutting down the work that goes into a task or addressing distracting concerns like safety or hygiene, it's what we're all about. We consider our Silhouette oven glove, Proud & Co.'s first addition to the market, to be a demonstration of these qualities - elegant, fashionable design woven around a core of functionality. At Proud & Co. we believe kitchenware should look great and make life easier, and we're not shy about proving it.

You wouldn’t think ‘stylish’ and ‘oven glove’ belonged in the same sentence....But now you can have your home baked cake and eat it, because Proud & Co have married great functionality with a gorgeous design.
— Sarah,
I was very impressed with the quality of these gloves. You can not feel the heat through the gloves, even from holding my roast potatoes which had been in the oven for 50mins, I was even able to hold the tin and turn the potatoes and could not feel the heat at all.
— Stacey,
Unlike some other oven gloves, the non slip grip part of the glove is all one surface, without any stitching in between the thumb and the finger part that can allow heat to get through, so you’re much less likely to burn yourself.
— Chloe,
Proud_20316 High Res-2.jpg

There's a Silhouette Oven Glove for everyone.